Barnevelder chicken Profile and Characteristics

Silver laced Barnevelder
Silver laced Barnevelder

Barnevelder Chicken is the soft feather heavy breed. Barneveld is a town in the Dutch province of Gelderland, Netherland. The breed is originated in the Netherland.

It is the Dual purpose breed used for both meat and Eggs. The Double-laced Barnevelder variety looks very beautiful. Double laced Barnvelder also known from Chestnut in the United Kingdom. This breed is very popular in European countries. Mainly known for their look and large dark brown color eggs.

Barnevelder is the crossbreed of indigenous Dutch breed and Asiatic class breeds. The Breed is developed in the ninety’s.

Barnevelder is a good layer which gives Extra large size Dark Brown color Eggs.

There are six varieties of Barnvelder which are as follows:

  • Double Laced
  • Double Laced Blue
  • Black
  • Silver Laced
  • White
  • Partridge

Facts and Productivity of Barnevelder chicken

Name of Breed Barnevelder
Other Name Of Breed No
Origin Netherland
Development year 1921
Double Laced
Double Laced Blue
Black Silver Laced
Comb Type Single Comb
Main color Double Laced Gold
Purpose Dual purpose
Disposition Calm
Breed size Heavy
Cock weight 3.2 kg to 3.5 kg (7 lbs to 7.7 lbs).
Cockrel weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Hen weight 2.4 kg to 2.8 kg (5.2 lbs to 6.1 lbs).
Pullet weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 190-200 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140-150
Egg weight 60-65 g
Egg size Extra-Large
Egg color Dark Brown
Skin color Yellow
Shank color Yellow
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 98

Characteristics of Barnvelder chicken

The colour of plumage gives them an excellent look. The Double laced plumage varieties make Barnvelder different from the other breed s of chicken.

This breed is available in normal size and Bantam.

It is good layer mainly raised for their large size dark brown color eggs. The hens and their eggs also used for exhibition purpose.

The behavior is very calm, friendly. It can either fly at a little distance. The ability of foraging is quite good and it rarely goes Broody.

Appearance of Barnevelder chicken

Double laced Barnevelder (Gold)
Double laced Barnevelder (Gold)

Double laced is the most common varieties of Barnevelder and mostly available in many countries.

It has a very soft feather but the breed is heavy. A cock takes a very good and matures early.

All the six varieties have a single comb. which is medium in size or red in color. It is vertical upright in position.

Wattles are equal or large in size or red in color. Ear lobes half of the wattle or red in color

Beak is medium or curved in shape yellow in color.

Eyes are bright orange. Breast full broad and deep. Skin color is yellow or shank is bright yellow in color or free from the feather.

Tail is well spread gives them perfect look.

Egg production

Barnevelder is a good layer which lays around 200 eggs in a year by a single hen. It lays extra large size dark brown color eggs which weigh 60 to 65 g.

It starts laying eggs at the age of 20th  to 21st weeks and lays continuous up to 72nd weeks.

The extra large dark brown egg of Barnevelder also used for exhibition purpose. It is very popular and it has high demand in the European market. 

The weight of the hen at very first egg is approx 1.2 kg or 2.6 lbs.

Meat production

Barnevelder is the dual purpose breed and it is very good in weight. The proper feed according to age gives good result in case of Barnevelder.

The meat of Double laced variety of Barnevelder cock is very high in demand. It gives quick returns for those who raised Branevelder for meat purpose.

The average standard weight of cock ranges between 3.2 kg to 3.5 kg (7 lbs to 7.7 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 2.4 kg to 2.8 kg (5.2 lbs to 6.1 lbs).

Special Care and Management

  • The living area of Barnevelder for both cock and hen should be clean, dry and hygiene. The breed performs better in the dry area.
  • The area should be clean and disinfected or drinking water to the birds should be clean and pure.
  • Keep the record of vaccination and dewormings schedules for better health and improvements.
  • The breed is susceptible to mice and ticks so external deworming is prior for the Barnvelder.

Why choose Barnvelder?

Is Barnvelder good for your farm?

  • If you are looking for the hen who looks beautiful and good layer than Barnevelder is a good choice for you.
  • Barnevelder has the ability to find their own food in the free range.
  • The deposition of Barnevelder is friendly, calm and active. Double laced variety is quite good for the family pet.
  • It is Dual purpose breed,  both meat and eggs have very high demand in the market. Especially their extra large size dark color eggs.

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