Delaware chicken

Delaware chicken complete information and details


The Delaware chicken is an American class breed. which is originated in America in the 20th century. Delaware is the name of the US state. the breed is named on US state by George Ellis in 1940. Delaware chicken in Mainly Used for Meat purpose but it is also a good layer which lays large size brown color eggs.

This breed is the cross result of New Hampshire Female and Barred Plymouth Rock Male. This results very good at weight or very beautiful in look. It is also recognized by APA for ornamental purpose.

Once upon a time, Delaware is largely used in US  chicken industry for Meat purpose. but at that time Broiler takes that position. Now the flock owner raised  Delaware chicken in limited numbers. That’s the result it is underrated.

Delaware chicken
Delaware chicken

Delaware chicken Variety

The Delaware chicken breed is a single comb type. It is only recognized in a single color Variety by APA (American Petroleum Association) which is white in color with black hackles.

Facts and Productivity of Delaware Chicken

Name of Breed Delaware
Other Name Of Breed NO
Origin United states of America
Development year 1940
Disposition Calm
Single comb white
with black hackles.
Comb type Single comb
Main color White
Purpose Meat Purpose
Cock weight 3.5 kg to 3.8 kg (8 lbs to 8.5 lbs).
Cockrel weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
Hen weight 2.8 kg to 3 kg (6 lbs to 6.5 lbs).
Pullet weight 2 kg (4.5 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 150-170 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140-150
Egg weight 55-60 g
Egg color Brown
Egg size Large
Skin color Yellow
Shank color Yellow
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 99

Characteristics of Delaware chicken

It is the medium-sized breed with very Calm and friendly behavior temperament. Primarily used for meat but also at quite good layers of large size brown color eggs.

 Foraging ability of Delaware is quite well. FCR (food conversion rate) is excellent that’s why it is mainly used for meat purpose and gives rapid return to the flock owner.

This breed performs quite good in free range or in the backyard.

Appearance of Delaware chicken

Delaware Cock
Delaware Cock

Delaware is recognized in single color variety. The whole body color is white except the hackles and tail. Hackles are light black in color

which is single comb type the comb is vertically upright in position with five to six tips bright red in color.

Head is medium in size. Wattles are equal in size or red in color. Earlobes are half of the wattles or red in color.

The tail is well spread and inclined 45º with mixed white or light black color plumage. Eyes are reddish brown in color.

Breast of the chicken is full broad and deep with white color plumage on it.

Delaware has no feather on shanks. Shanks are yellow in color. There are four toes of yellowish color.

Delaware Chicken Meat Production

This breed gains weight very quickly that’s why it appears in Meat purpose. For better growth, it needs quality feed. The meat of Delaware is fine. The age of slaughter of this chicken is after 15 weeks. The conversion of feed to meat is quite good compared to other breeds. The Delaware chicken growth rate totally depends which type of feed are you providing.

The average standard weight of cock ranges between 3.5 kg to 3.8 kg (8 lbs to 8.5 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 2.8 kg to 3 kg (6 lbs to 6.5 lbs).

Delaware Chicken Egg production

This breed is fair in egg production. Generally, Delaware chicken egg production per year is around 150-170 by a single hen. Delaware chicken start laying eggs at the age of 22nd weeks and continuously lays up to 70nd weeks. The egg shale color of Delaware is brown. Egg size is large which weighs 55 to 60g.

It is a good mother and always go broody. No need for an incubator for small flock owner.

Care and management for the better growth of Delaware chicken

  • Follow the proper vaccination schedule for better immunity. Marek’s disease or New castle disease is a highly contagious disease in the poultry industry. Always vaccinated against these diseases. Vaccine for both disease available worldwide.
  • House should well be ventilated for the fresh air. Deep litter system is good for small as well as a large number of the flock. Delaware performs better in free range.
  • Provide them proper feed for better growth. The feed should be packed with proteins, mineral, vitamins.
  • External or internal deworming is essential in case of Delaware chicken. Deworming should be done at every eight weeks for better results.
  • Maintain clean, hygiene or disinfected environment in the house.

Why choose Delaware?

Is Delaware good for your farm?

Yes, Delaware is definitely the good chicken for the farm if proper care and follow the above management on the farm.

  • Delaware chicken temperament is docile, calm and friendly. It can be handled easily.
  • The ability to find their own feed is very well in free-range or in the backyard.
  • It is a good mother who always shows broodiness.
  • The performance of meat and eggs is better. It can also be used for exhibition purpose.
  • It gives rapid returns to the flock owner.

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