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silver grey Dorking chicken
Dorking chicken info

It is English class breed. Dorking is the name of a market town in Surrey in south England. Dorking chicken is the Dual purpose breed used for both meat and eggs. They are one of the oldest domestic breed and there is no record of the originated year. it is said that the Dorking chicken breed is originated in Italy, having been introduced in Britain.

This is one of the ideal bird for general purpose. they are cold hardy, they can easily withstand the cold environment but the house they live in should be dry.

Generally, they have five toes that makes them different from others and easy in recognize.

The weight of the breed differs from variety to variety. And generally, Male Dorking is heavier than Female. There is four recognized variety of Dorking which are:

  • White
  • Silver grey Dorking chicken
  • Colored
  • Red Dorking chicken

White, silver grey, colored added in APA (American Poultry Association) in  1874 and Red color Dorking chicken Added in 1995.

Facts and Productivity of Dorking chicken

Name of Breed Dorking
Other Name of Breed No
Dorking Chicken origin United Kingdom
Development year Unkown
Disposition Calm and Docile
Silver Gray
Colored Red
Comb type Single comb and Rose comb
Main color Colored
Purpose Dual purpose
Cock weight 3.8 kg to 4 kg (8.5 lbs to 9 lbs).
Cockerel weight 3.6 kg (8 lbs)
Hen weight 3 kg to 3.2 kg (6.5 lbs to 7 lbs).
Pullet weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 130-140 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140-150
Egg weight 50-60 g
Egg color White
Egg size Large
Skin color White
Shank color White
Survivability % Up to 6 weeks 96

Characteristics of Dorking Chicken

the performance of the breed in cold hard environment especially in the north side of Scotland, Ireland and Cumberland is quite well but they need dry and protective house.

The breed is heavy and rectangular body shape from the side view.

They can be handled easily,  temperament is quite calm, docile and friendly. They are a very good mother as well as sister. Most of the hens show broodiness.

The breed has white skin generally they lays white color shell eggs and it is most popular and demanding table fowl in Europe.

Appearance of Dorking Chicken

white Dorking chicken
white Dorking

Dorking is available in both single and Rose Comb. The silver-gray and Colored Dorking has large sized bright red color single comb which is vertically upright in position, white  Dorking has bright red Rose Comb.

Generally, they have large wattles equally downward or bright red. Earlobes are half of the wattles which is bright red.

Shanks and toes are free from the feathers both are white colored. There are 5 number of toes on each leg.

Breast is full broad and deep in all three varieties. The beak is medium in length slightly curved or white. Eyes are the oval shape and Reddish Bay colored. Head is of medium sized.

Tail is well spread with close feathers makes an angle of 45º.

The body of male is rectangular in shape from the side view.

Meat production of Dorking chicken

They produce very fine quality meat. this is the popular breed for meat purpose in Europe. The color of the meat is white. Conversion of feed to meat of Dorking is quite well.

They cockerel gains very good weight if they provide balanced feed packed with nutrition.

The weight of Dorking Differ variety to Variety

Silver Grey and colored

The average standard weight of cock ranges between 3.8 kg to 4 kg (8.5 lbs to 9 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 3 kg to 3.2 kg (6.5 lbs to 7 lbs).


The average standard weight of cock ranges between 3.1 kg to 3.4 kg (7 lbs to 7.5 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 2.4 kg to 2.7 kg (5.5 lbs to 6 lbs).

Egg Production

they are fair in egg production. Generally, Dorking chicken egg color is white they lay large size eggs which weighs around 55 to 60 g. they start laying eggs at the age of their 20th to 21st weeks. And continuously lay up to 72nd weeks. They 140 to 150 eggs in a year by a single hen. Three eggs per week.

Sometimes the productivity of egg may increase depending upon the type of feed they consumed.

Care and management

The house of Dorking should be clean, dry and hygiene or disinfected. Maintain the temperature in cold areas like Ireland, Scotland, and Cumberland for better growth.

The brooder house of newly born chicks should be well heated by lamp or bulb to decrease the mortality.

Proper vaccination of chicks at their small age can increase the immunity.

The feed should be balanced with Nutrition like Protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. For the better growth of the birds. The proper feed may increase meat production and egg production.

The brooder, grower and layer house should be separated.

There should be sufficient space in the house stay away from the over crowd.

Dorking chicken facts

Why choose Dorking?

Is Dorking good for Your Farm?

  • Yes because it is the dual purpose breed raised mainly for both meat and eggs
  • They fulfill the nutrition requirement of the family because of their large size white color eggs and meat.
  • They are a good mother. The capability of hatching eggs is quite good. they are quite protective for their chicks
  • Behavior is very calm docile and friendly can be handled easily.
  • Ability to find their own food is very good.
  • Survivability in a cold environment is better than other breeds.

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