Marans chicken characteristics and breed details

Marans Drak Brown Egg
Marans Drak Brown Eggs

The breed Marans originated in France. It is the dual purpose breed. the breed is named on the port town of Marans. The Marans chicken is mainly known for its unique very dark brown color eggs (chocolate or copper in color). Marans is the crossbreed of local hen and various breeds of cocks.

The breed is developed in the 1800s. in France. After that the breed imported in united states and the united kingdom in mid-1930 in a small number of the flock.

 Marans breed is most popular in poultry exhibition for its eggs rather than its hen appearance. It gives large size eggs. the breed is medium in size, active and give good productivity in free range.

These breed is available in Australia, Europe, and America.

The breed is in single Comb. The breed varieties depend on its color. There are eight known varieties of Marans which are:

  • Cuckoo
  • Golden cuckoo
  • Black copper
  • Black
  • White
  • Columbian
  • Wheaten
  • Black-tailed buff

Facts and Productivity of Marans chicken

Marans  Chicken Profile
Marans Chicken Profile
Name of Breed Marans
Other Name of Breed French: Poule de Marans
Origin  France  
Development year 1800
Comb type Single comb.
Golden Cuckoo
Black copper
Black tailed buff
Main colour Cuckoo and Black
Purpose Dualpurpose
Disposition Doclile. Calm, friendly
Breed size Medium
Cock weight 3.6 kg to 4 kg ( 7.9 lbs to 8.8 lbs).
Cockrel weight 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Hen weight 2.8 kg to 3 kg (6.1 lbs to 6.6 lbs).
Pullet weight 2.2 kg (5 lbs)
Egg capacity per year 190-220 eggs
Age at first Egg (days) 140-145
Egg weight 50-55 g
Egg size Large
Egg colour Chocolate Dark Brown
Skin colour Yellow
Shank colour Yellow
Survivability %  upto 6 weeks 98

Characteristics of Marans

It is the dual purpose breed used for both meat and eggs. The breed is mainly raised for their eggs. The breed is medium in size but gives large size eggs. The quality of meat is also good compared to others.

The chocolate dark brown color eggs make them a very special breed. it is a good layer. the look of Maran hens and cocks are beautiful especially Black and Black copper.

It is friendly, or active breed rarely shows broodiness. It can adjust in any type of environment. 

Appearance of Marans

It is a single comb type. All the eight varieties are in the single comb. The comb is straight, upright. Five to six number of tips or red in color.

The ear lobes are soft or oval in shape and red in color. Wattles are soft, long and equal in size and round from the bottom. Ear lobes are half of the wattles.

The shape is medium in size. Eyes are orange color. Tail is well spread at 45ยบ angle gives them an excellent look.

Shanks are straight and yellow. Some varieties have feather on shanks and some are free from feather. 

The cuckoo variety has barred feather which gives a beautiful appearance to the fowl.

Black copper variety possesses black and copper feather on the head and neck.

Egg production of Marans chicken

Generally, Marans hens start laying eggs in between 18th to 20th weeks. It lays around 190 to 210 eggs per hen per year. They lay continuously up to their 72 weeks.  Normally they lay 4 to 5 eggs in week.

It gives large size chocolate dark brown color eggs. The weight of one egg is approximately 50 to 55 g.

The weight of hen at first egg is 2.2 kg.

Egg should collect twice a day, and should be immediately place in the refrigerator.

Meat production

Black Copper Marans Chicken
Black Copper Marans Chicken

It is the dual purpose breed used for both meat and eggs. The meat quality of Marans is very fine. The taste of meat is a little bit different.

After the egg laying capacity is over the hens are sold for meat. Generally, they give a good profit after eggs to the owner.

The meat of Marans is little costlier than others. The meat preferably for those who want to try a different taste.

The average standard weight of cock ranges between  3.6 kg to 4 kg ( 7.9 lbs to 8.8 lbs).

The average standard weight of Hen ranges between 2.8 kg to 3 kg (6.1 lbs to 6.6 lbs).

Health issues with Marans

  • For better productivity from this breed follow the proper vaccination schedule from the very first week.
  • The breed is susceptible to endo-parasites, deworming the hens at an interval of every eight weeks.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene at the living area for better productivity of eggs and meat.
  • Debeaking time to time.

Why choose Marans?

Is Marans chicken good for your farm?

  • Maran is a dualpurpose breed. the production capacity is quite good, lay up to 210 egg per year.
  • it is friendly cal and docile in nature.
  • It gives unique quality chocolate dark brown color eggs. Which makes it different from others.
  • These breeds and their eggs also used for exhibition in various place.
  • It fulfills the nutrition requirement of the family from their meat and eggs.
  • The breed and their eggs enhance the beauty of the farm.
  • It can survive in every type of climates.

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