sebright chicken

Sebright chicken complete information and guide

Sebright Chicken
Sebright Chicken

Sebright chicken is one of the beautiful bantams. This breed mainly originated in the united kingdom. It is the original bantam breed. they are mainly used for ornamental purpose because they look adorable. The Sebright Chicken weighs under 1 kg generally they white color small size egg. This ornamental breed is created by sir john saunders Sebright in the 19th century to develop only for exhibition.

They are hardy in winter. The breed added in APA (American poultry association) and PCGB (Poultry club of great Britain) in 1874.

Sebright is a fancy bird only used in the exhibition. It is the award-winning bird in many exhibitions. the sebright chicken lifespam is 10 years long.

Sebright is only available in the bantam chicken version. There is two variety of Sebright which are:

  • Silver Laced
  • Golden Laced

This breed has its own club in United kingdom: The Sebright Bantam Club.

Generally, Sebright is compared to other ornamental breeds like Polish and Silkie. Sebright gives tough competition in the exhibition to other breeds. Sebright bantams for sale demand is alway at hike because it is beautiful ornamental purpose breed.

Facts and Productivity of Sebright Chicken

Name of Breed Sebright  
Other Name of Breed No  
Origin United Kingdom  
Development year 19th century  
Disposition Aggresive.  
Silver Laced
Golden Laced
Comb type Rose Comb  
Main colour Silver and Golden  
Purpose Ornamental  
Cock weight 730 g (26 OZ)  
Cockrel weight 600 g (21 OZ)  
Hen weight 620 g (22 OZ)  
Pullet weight 560 g  (20 OZ)    
Egg capacity per year 60-80 eggs  
Egg color White  
Egg size Small  
Shank color Slaty Blue  

Appearance of Sebright chicken

Silver Laced Sebright
Silver Laced Sebright

it is a fancy bird. The breed is miniature or bantam so every part of the bird is generally small.

The comb type in both variety is rose comb which Reddish purple in color.

Shank and toes are free from feathers and slaty blue in color.

The head is medium and well rounded. The beak is small and slightly curved. Eyes are large or brown.

Wattles are equal and well rounded. Ear lobes are half of the wattles. Both wattles and ear lobes are bright red in color. the silver Sebright chicken has more demand compared to golden Sebright chicken.

The tail gives the perfect look to both varieties. In both, the variety tail is well spread and makes an angle of 45º

Egg production

They are not good in egg production. They lay around 60 to 80 eggs in a year by single hen. The egg is small in size and creamy white in color.

Generally, they lays one or two eggs in a week.

Care and management for Sebright chicken

This breed can fly well, so they need a cage on confinement space for living. They are a slightly aggressive bird. They are not free range or back yard bird.

Sebrights are susceptible to the new castle and Marek’s disease so prior vaccine is very essential in the early weeks of age for their better growth.

Generally, they rarely go broody. For the enhancement of the breed, egg incubator is needed.

They like hygiene environment. The house they should be clean and disinfected 24×7.

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It is the most popular bantam chicken breed, If you are looking for the ornamental purpose or bantam chicken than Sebright is a good choice for you. They are not productive in meat and egg purpose but can be used as a family pet. It can increase the beauty of your small farm.

Sebright chicken is the good breeding purpose breed and performs well in the backyard. If you want the return from this breed. then you can sale the chicks to the customers they need for fancy show birds.

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